“A private and exclusive invitation… "

"Finally... Get Control Over Your Child's Anger and Drive it Out of Your Home!"

“Discover Simple Methods that will Step-by-Step Teach Your Child to Handle his Anger and Get Rid of his Aggression… Forever”
-Anthony Kane, MD

From: Anthony Kane, MD
RE: Getting Anger and Aggression Out of Your Home

If you are struggling with an angry aggressive child or teenager, then you need to know you are not alone.

Of the 15,750 parents who have worked with me over the past decade the vast majority of them have children or teens that have a problem with anger.

  • If you are worried that your aggressive and angry child is going to grow up and become a problematic teenager
  • If you already have an angry teen in your home
  • If your child’s temper interferes with his ability to have friends
  • If your child’s anger is straining your marriage
  • If anger disrupts your home
  • If you walk around your house, a hostage, dreading your child’s next explosion
Then all of this is about to end!

“Discover a Simple Way to Stop Your Child’s Anger, Out of Control Aggression, and Abusive Behavior-


How to Drive Anger Out of Your Home: a three part program

This is a series of audio recordings designed to empower you to get rid of your child’s anger. This private exclusive series was created originally for parents who are members of The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club.

However, the problem of anger is too big and this problem is too pervasive…

Therefore, as a member of the ADD ADHD Advances or the Complete Connection Parenting community, I want to give you this special opportunity to join this program.

Here is what you will learn in this program:

  • How to tell if your child’s anger is normal or if it is going to become a serious problem that will ruin his life
  • How to identify exactly what is triggering anger and how you can use this to put and end to the problem
  • What you need to know if anger has become habitual, and what you can do to break the pattern
  • The five main triggers of anger, and how to eliminate them
  • Three keys to stopping your child’s anger
  • The five step master plan to eliminate anger forever
  • The six tools you have to teach your child to express his anger

And much, much more...

Here is what you get...

How to Drive Anger Our of Your Home is a three part audio series.

Part 1: We show you how to get control, redirect, and eliminate your child’s anger.
Part 2: We show you how to handle and eliminate your own anger, which so often comes in reaction to having difficult defiant children.
Part 3: This is a recording of an open question and answer session with parents who heard the first two parts of the program. They emailed or called in all their questions on anger so that everything that we missed in the first two recording is covered here. We answered all their question and you are getting access to these answers.

All the recordings are transcribed, so you get a written record of everything.

And because you get the recordings and the transcripts delivered to you online you get immediate access. There is long wait for the mail to come.

But that is not all…

As a special bonus:

When you enroll in the How to Drive Anger Out of Your Home you will get:

A one month FREE membership to the...

Private, by Invitation Only

The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club

    Here is what your VIP Gold Club membership gives you:

    1-  Weekly Office Hours (Value: $100/month)
          (Note: I am quoting you real values, not just some number I made up to make the program sound good)

    Get your specific personal questions answered in private. Once a week my  private phone line will be open and you can call in and ask your questions. These calls will be completely confidential and will not be recorded.

    2-  The Monthly Focus Program (Total Value: $125/month)

      a.    The Monthly Focus Call (Value: $75/month) Each month we will focus on a specific topic that concerns you. We will schedule interviews and discussions with experts on a wide range of issues and problems that you face.

      Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

        •   How to eliminate your child’s anger problems
        •    Getting your child to perform, cooperate, and behave in school
        •    How to cope as a single parent
        •    How to get your child and yourself through a divorce
        •    Getting back in the game:  How to prepare your children and yourself for remarriage         
        •    How to help your child develop better social skills
        •    How your child’s diet may be affecting his behavior

      And what ever else interests you.  This is your club and I will make sure that it meets all of your needs.

      The talks will be live or pre-recorded depending upon the expert's schedule. You may email your questions for the expert before the talk and ask them live when possible.

      b. The Monthly Focus Call Recording (Value: $15/month)

      Don't worry about taking notes or missing the call. You will be able to download the recording soon after the call is finished.

      c. The Monthly Focus Call Transcript (Value: $10/month)
      All the calls will be transcribed and all VIP Gold Club members will get the transcription.

      d. The Monthly Focus Report (Value: $25/month)

      Every month you will get a special report on the topic of that month.

    Plus as a VIP Gold Club member you will get:

      3-  Priority VIP email support (Value: $50/month)

      You will get my private email address. That means your questions take priority and get answered first.

      4-  Subscription to the Parenting Video Pod cast (Value: $50/month)

      Five times a week you will receive a 2-5 minute video with a new parenting tip that you can use right away.  And you will get access to the entire archive of videos.

      5-  A Subscription to the ADD ADHD Advances online journal (Value: $25/month)

      Over the course of the year you will receive more than 100 articles on parenting, child behavior, ADHD, ODD, and Bipolar disorder.

The total value of The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is $350/month. Again, these are real values, not some made up numbers.

As you can see The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is a very special and exclusive club open only to parents who really care….

But don’t worry, I won’t charge you anywhere near the value to continue.  To make it extremely affordable for any parent who really cares, the normal monthly membership dues are only $57.

But as an extra bonus for you, you are getting a one-month free trial membership in this exclusive VIP Parenting Club. And if you decide to stay on your membership will automatically be locked in at a 54% discount.

As I mentioned, the normal monthly membership dues are $57.   But as an additional bonus, after your one month free trial ends, your monthly membership dues are locked in at $57/month $27.97/month

Plus, you don’t have to do anything to get all this. Your dues will be billed automatically every month to your credit card at the 51% discount.   

Best of all, you have no obligation.

You are not required to join for a year or for six months like other clubs. If at any time and for any reason you wish to end your membership, just email my office and we will cancel your membership on that day.   Period.  There will be no questions asked and you will not be charged ever again.

I bear completely the responsibility to earn your continued interest, involvement and trust each and every month.   I am committed to guaranteeing your success as a parent.

To summarize:

This is what you will get when you enroll in the How to Drive Anger Out of Your Home:

  • Part 1: Controlling Your Child’s Anger Problem (Value $60)
  • Part 2: Controlling Your Own Anger (Value $60)
  • Part 3: The Controlling Anger Question and Answer Call (Value $60)

  • Plus you will get all the transcripts for these three recordings (Value $33)

  • A One month Free Trial Membership to the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club (Value $57)

  • Your optional locked in automatic discount to the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club (Value $330/year)

And Now, I'll Bet You Are "Worrying"
About The Price.....

As you can see the actual value of the program is $270. I want to stress again that these are real values, not some inflated numbers.

Well, I am certainly not going to charge you that much for this program.

If you just want How to Drive Anger Out of Your Home you can enroll in just this part of the program for $67, quite reasonable since I am giving back to you four times that amount.

However, as a special deal, to encourage you to test drive our Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club you can get everything we discussed for only $67 $29.97

You will not find a better deal anywhere.

Why more for less?

Because this program is part of the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club and I don’t feel so great about giving non-members access. Yet this information is too important to keep “exclusive”.

So I am hoping you will realize that it is crazy to pay $67 when you can get the same exact thing PLUS more for only $29.97.

I am hoping you will decide to try a free month of the VIP Gold Club and that way you will get this program as part of your regular membership.

But I don’t want to force anyone to join so if you would rather opt out of the membership I am giving you the $67 option, which is still an amazing deal considering all the junk that is being sold out there for twice that price.

I Want Everything for the Lower Price

I'd Rather Pay the Higher Price and Get Less

Here’s the thing…

You Really Have Only Two Choices…

This has to be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

Either keep struggling and suffering and worrying as you have been. And wasting your time and money on things that don't work.

Or begin to improve your child’s behavior in the next few minutes.

It is that simple…

I am Ready to Make the Right Choice

"So, Are You Ready to Take Your Child’s Potential,
and Your Family Life to the Next Level Starting Right Now?"

    This life-changing and empowering information prepares you to create MASSIVE RESULTS in your home and your life and enjoy the family harmony you've been longing for.




Anthony Kane, MD

ADD ADHD Advances
Complete Connection Parenting


    P. S. If you're sick and tired of trying every new "magic potion" under the sun only to see your child's anger problem getting worse, this is the program for you. So grab this price while you can! You've got nothing to lose.

    P. P. S. I guarantee you are never going to find an incredible value like this anywhere.